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Magic circle proudly presents: The Magic School

Learn Magic / Magic Course / Magic Training / Magic Lessons / Become a Magician

Welcome to our magic school. Our magic course offers professional magic training. Our magic lessons provide an atmosphere that is needed to learn magic.

Whether you are a beginner magician, an intermediate magician or an advanced magician, the magic circle will give you the magic lessons that take you to the next level.

Magic has always brought about fascination throughout the ages. As you may already know, magic is a great way to connect with people. Whether you want to learn magic as a hobby, or want to make money, or be the life of the party, our magic school will create this opportunity.

Imagine being able to perform magic on a level that would leave your audience captivated and spell bound. Well now you can. We invite you to join our magic school and learn magic with South Africa's master magicians.

Our magic course will train you in the ancient art of illusion, sleight of hand, psychology, persuasion, misdirection and showmanship.

We give magic training in card magic, cigarette magic, coin magic, rope magic, silk magic, sponge balls, linking rings, fork bending, mentalism, etc. Our magic lessons cover close up magic, drawing room magic and stage magic.

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