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Magic Course Testimonials

I was always fascinated by magic routines, now I’m addicted. It is far better doing it than just seeing it, oh and of course – chicks dig it!
Wynand Pretorius

Having attended the beginners course, I can safely say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Not only did I learn some basic and intermediate tricks, but the basic mechanisms used for more powerful tricks as well. The course covers not just the required moves and sleights, but also the patter and performance, and explains the complex steps in a simple way. David and Troye are both passionate and skilled instructors and were willing to spend time helping each of the students in turn to master the moves. If you are interested in magic as a hobby or want to start professionally, I highly recommend the course as it provides a solid background for future work, but done in a fun and entertaining way.
Alon Hirsch

In my experience, magic is a huge and baffling field of study if you're approaching it through self-study. A course like this, presented as it is by skilled professionals, will give you a firm grounding in the theory and showmanship of magic; knowledge that's much harder to extract from books or videos. That's not to say you'll only be learning theory, many practical routines will be revealed to you in a detailed, logical way - the secrets of each routine building upon the last. Those of you who, like me, aren't especially handy will also be pleased to learn the classes are small, ensuring plenty of remarkably patient, individual attention. I'm sure the friendly, relaxed atmosphere of the classes will also go a long way towards improving your grasp of the art. As a final recommendation, I can vouch that you'll be getting taught by people with a genuine love and fascination for the fine art of magic. I would say that's the most valuable thing they passed on to me - before the course I was simply curious about magic, afterwards I had learned a great respect for its infinite cleverness and capacity to, well, completely blow people's minds. It's great fun! So, I'm putting my name to the fact that if you attend these classes and put in the required practice, you'll soon be performing amazing feats, confident in the knowledge of how best to engage (and misdirect!) the attention of any audience.
Philippe Boucher